PRS phase 2 tuners for 2007 ME 1? Different from the sets the sell now.


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Apr 28, 2012
OK I have a 2007 PRS Modern Eagle 1 private stock with phase 2 tuners...but one of the covers on back that covers up the gear (It says PRS on it) is missing. Mine looks EXACTLY like the PRS ME 1 at this site .....

look at the picture of the tuners on the back of the headstock...notice how it has TWO SCREWS OFFSET to hold it on back? That is how mine is! I know it would be easier to buy a set than find a gold prs cover for my tuner (EVEN if I found one...I do not even know if I could put it back on or not??) ...but here is my problem....the PRS phase 2 tuner sets today only have ONE screw hole on the back...not two offset like mine.

like this set....

But that is NOT what I need...I need to buy a six string set like the one on the ME 1 above with the TWO offset screws ....anyone know where I can get a set like that??

I have contacted PRS support, but they may tell me to just buy a new PRS phase 2 set....but one of my screw holes will show on top... which is what I am trying to avoid!

The articles I have read from that period describe the tuners on the 2004-2007 Me 1 as

a new grommet version of the PRS phase II locking tuners??

Anyone know how I can either fix my old set or buy a new set that will go on correctly?
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Well an update for anyone that may be interested....It seems I can no longer get these tuners from PRS as they are shaller phase 2 tuners with TWO mounting screws in the back. PRS says they were a "limited run"....but here is where it gets interesting....I found a website with a PRS ME1 guitar with the cover missing as mine is! It is on the D String...Mine is on the G string. Is this some kind of flaw? Here is the website you can scroll down and see the missing cover on the back of the ME1 D String. I would show a pic of mine but it is on my computer and all I see on the forum are ways to load web pics.

All you would need for BOTH these guitars is a COVER, but I tried to buy a PRS phase 2 tumer and have John Mann at John Manns guitar vault put it on, but the cover is just slightly bigger on the new phase 2 tuner I bought... than the cover of the ME1 tuner! THIS IS SO STUPID! WHY in the WORLD would PRS put on tuners that covers fall off and then you cannot get that same tuner anymore? It is really frustrating! I may contact PRS again and see if they have a cover for that size tuner, but other than that I am out of luck. And YES I KNOW it does not affect the tone or playibility of the guitar...but when you pay that much for a expect tuner covers not to FALL OFF!
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