Jaded now....

There’s no way, NO WAY that’s still not been opened yet! I’d have lasted….. maybe a couple hours max until I’d gotten some time aside to open it up.
Watch out!! This isn't a brand bashing forum ;)

I have yet to open my Silver Sky SE but I can't imagine it will compare much with my highly customized Fender strats and Teles. Still excited to play it. I've been impressed with my Santana SE in some areas and let down in others, the neck isn't the strong suit of the Santana SE but fret board is great with some work! Anyways, I'm looking forward to seeing how exactly the Silver Sky SE compares with my low grade Squiers and how it will measure up. Maybe I can do a review video comparing them or something.

Still haven't bought a case so it's still sitting there...

Meanwhile the customized Fenders sleep untouched in the studio while my main guitar has become the Santana SE.
Joe Satraini JS1200 neck has remained the best neck I've ever played or at least one of them. I have a highly modified JS100 with the 1200 neck and Fender's Kingfish pickups. It's the best of all 3 worlds 😆

What, but the sturdy gig bag.

Maybe both lmao

All my guitars must be in a hardcase and locked when not in use, with the curious, often mischievous cat and rampant kids running around to boot, my music gear must be protected at all costs.

Enough about me though, Vic, what type of music did you say you like to play and are you in a band? I just do music at church mostly at the moment

Ok, I get it now. The Les is more model of thinking. Must admit mine stay cased ‘cos I’m clumsy.

Those older SE's are awesome. Agree that they can make a strat, in my case '85 MIJ, feel like a toy. A nice toy, but the PRS's get played way more than the S, T & LP.


I still use my ‘95 MIJ Strat, “ain’t no toy” ;) and the jangly tones just float my boat.