prs neck


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Jun 16, 2012
hi all Dave in Australia here. i have a prs se custom 24 and was wondering if anybody has sanded the finish of there necks? im thinking about doing it but need some feedback from anyone that has done it? did it help or not ect.
Think about it,first they dry the wood used in the neck and seal it with a finish so no moisture will come back into the wood.If you remove the finish your neck can warp very quickly from the sweat from your hands or from humidity.What you are looking for is a satin feel i guess,like the Mikael Åkerfeldt signature model.Im not sure about the procedure really.I have watched a video where they use fine sandpaper on the back of the neck,not to remove the finish but to make it more satin like.Ask PTC if they have any tricks to share.

I found the video
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