PRS Custom 22 - Tone pot issue


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Jul 29, 2016
Hi All,

I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some guidance. I recently picked up a 2010 PRS C22 (lefty) and noticed that (1) the push-pull hardly makes any difference and (2) the tone control doesn't taper, instead quickly phasing in at about 3 on the dial.

I'm not sure if anyone ever played around with the wiring, but it doesn't seem to track the schematic PRS has on their website. For example, the cap is a .033uF instead of the stated .022uF, and connects to the live pole of the volume control, rather than the center.

Maybe it wasn't wired correctly because it's left handed and the pots are wired for a righty?

Any suggestions or tips would be great as the push-pull seems almost useless and the tone control behaves almost like an on-off switch. I've included a couple pics so you can see the wiring. Thanks


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