Private Stock Friday

These non-matching bevel cuts just make me gag... (I'm looking at you Kiesel...)


These wrinkles are very interesting however...


Is this cheating???


Big Stick!!
I love and hate this thread. It gives me so much GAS.
You're new. Eventually, you just get overwhelmed and "broken", and then you can just sit back and watch the pretty pictures.

Well, until you figure out that you can own one. Then it's a problem again.
Oh, aren't you? I just assumed...sorry.

Maybe I just adapted faster to this gas thing than everyone else...

That sparkle clear coat is amazing OMG! I've never seen that before. Is this a new process. Can the sparkles be done in numerous color, this is amazing. I need this...

Also, the acoustic with the white fretboard and headstock, WHAT IS THAT OMG?!