Private Stock Friday

The PS Alchemy in its proper form is worth the wait. I feel your agony, brother. I'm 5 months waiting for a PS DGT SH and it's giving me the major itch.
Aarrrgh. Almost at 7 months of waiting for my PS McCarty... Still no firm ETA. This thread excites me and depresses me all at once.
That means your time is getting very very close! Dont Worry though, I waited 2.5 years for my first one!
Oh my. You do know that I think thats the best sounding body combination PRS has made. McCarty thickness, semi hollow trem. SO FINE!! Can you say resonance???
I'm looking forward to it, especially the parallel volumes and covered DGT humbuckers. I'm usually a stoptail guy, so it's a big departure for me.