Private Stock Friday


Gotta like that in a guitar...just as beautiful on the inside!
Another great PSF, well done Hunter!!

Why did I post this one yesterday, from way back in August 2015?


I wonder...



So cool to be able to get a Private Stock from a dealer and to be able to look back at the photos here on this thread and find it in progress!

This beauty is quite a guitar, will post more detail in an NGD when I get a chance, a 24 Fret SC 245. I wasn't sure how I would like the configuration, but it turns out that I really dig it!

Eric at Willcutt's did a great job spec'ing this one with all the goodies I dig! It is almost like he made it for me to begin with. Wrong headstock shape for me, though, but I can live with that... ;) Thanks, Eric!
Having a military background I did not expext myself liking such a florale inlay. I´m very curious about the rest of the guitar. Some Japanese signs or a pagoda building or so.
A dragon would be contrasting too much. This subtle natural colour and hopefully a quiet further outlook would fit best to highlight that inlay.