Private Stock Friday

I mean... to each their own but, I'm only intrigued by pre-op DGT's. I feel more comfortable with a trem arm. I'm most familiar with how it works.
It was mostly a matter of aesthetics.
I would think it would either be DGST or simply a Dave Grissom Stoptail, since DGT literally means Dave Grissom (w/) Tremolo.
Anybody else notice something...ummm..."interesting" about that top?
Exactly. I was trying to be...vague in a...nice way.
Beautiful guitar...could stare at it for hours. I see why a whammy bar would be a little out of place on "her".
Got what you were alluding to the first time, but I, uh, will try to be nice and not, uh, "touch" that....

<giggle, snicker>
So I ran across this on youtube. Not sure if I'd seen it and forgot or have never seen it, but it's pretty cool.
Happy hump day!
Thanks for posting this Vaughn. I hadn't seen it before. Pretty cool. Shows how much attention to detail goes into every step. Nothing to take for granted.
Very cool! Expecting to be notified any day mine has arrived. I ordered mine in early Sept last year. Post pix!!