Poly on side of fretboard chipping S2


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Oct 27, 2021
Upstate NY
Anyone else have a S2 that has the poly starting to peel up? My 2014 S2 Starla has a few spots on the side of the fretboard where this is happening. Love the guitar otherwise. Any fixes you would recommend? Thanks in advance for your help.
I’ve got this happening on my 2006 CU24. I made the mistake of pushing down with my thumb on one of the “starter bubbles” along the side of the fretboard, and a huge area (1.5”x 0.5”) of clear coat then blistered on the neck - completely delaminated, and then flaked off. Guitar is out of warranty, so a PTC neck refin will be $700.

Started like this:

If you’re the original owner, I’d suggest you contact PRS Support now, and try to get it fixed under warranty - it will only get worse.
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This Happened On My OG Tremonti Tribal And My Black OG Tremonti As Well. Both Of Mine Are Near The Neck Joint On The Low E Side.
I’d send that for a warranty repair if you’re the original owner, but I seem to remember you talking about buying that guitar used.

It happened on my ‘14 S2 as well, although not to that degree. Anything that flakes off, I use some fine sandpaper to smooth if there’s an edge that catches afterwards. But I don’t go pulling pieces off, just let it happen if it’s going to happen. I don’t have a great answer for spots that big other than a neck refin.
Things may have changed but PTC did fix my CU22 that was out of warranty cost me one way shipping.
Send an email , ask if there is anything they can do nicely is my advice.
I had a DGT that had finish damage ( not a PRS issue ) fixed by a local tech sanded neck and recoated the clear.
Join the club. Same issue with an S2. But I bought it used.
Bought Used Or New...This Shouldn't Happen And Should Be A Warranty Issue. YMMV