S2 Standard


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Aug 2, 2022
I’ve seen a lot of polarized opinions on here…not trying to be a snob, but also not trying to start a holy war.

I’ve only ever owned “core.” Pre-2000 Customs, CEs, a few 01 Singlecuts, even an old Starla. My current lineup in a 97 CE22, an 04 CE22, and an 02 Swamp Ash Special.

I am eyeballing an S2 Standard pretty hard (found a great buy used) for the pickguard (ability to easily modify).
Besides electronics, what are the biggest differences that are present between some of the instruments listed above and the S2 Standard. Thanks!

(No, there isn’t a local store that has one for me to just stop in to try…)
OP I have 3 S2 Standard 22s...with BK and SD pups....the carve is different but very comfy sitting and standing ...the bridge is overseas but great IMO...I love em and used they're a steal...I have a Core custom 22 as well and the playability is identical...the overseas S pups were my only gripe...but the newer ones have the 85 15s pups that are better...my first one is 9 years old already had #7 pups but thats subjective...all my S2s are hovering around 7lbs...mine also have the pattern regular neck which is great...go for it!
I love the S2 Standards. One good thing is they don't have an equivalent in the Core line, so they can truly be measured on their own merit. If you like their vibe, I see no reason you won't like them.

I don't think you'll find it much different in overall construction from a Core Starla. The bevel is simple, but super comfy. The neck is multi piece, but solid. The S2 tuners are as good as any other tuners I've used (which is a lot).

The bridge and electronics are totally subjective. Some members here have been happy stock and others modded the heck out of 'em. Another good thing about S2 is even if you upgrade to nice pickups, electronics, and a John Mann bridge, your guitar will be awesome and still waaay cheaper than a new core model.

For context, starting from 98 I've owned 4 core, 2 S2 standard, and a pile of SE guitars.
I’ve got an S2 Standard Satin, and an S2 Studio (which is technically a standard, just with different pickups), and they rip! My Studio is stock, I put a Mann bridge and 59/09 bridge pickup on the Satin. The Satin, I would say, is the closest guitar I’ve ever played to a Core, tonally. Absolute monster workhorse!
Just do it!
My S2 Standard also weighs in at 7 lbs. I love the neck and it is my first guitar ever with a contoured back - love it!

I'm no expert on pickups, etc, but I certainly like the way it sounds. I also have a tendancy to pick it up and play it unplugged, and it sounds great - espcially for a solid body. Clearly, the tremolo "spacing" in the back helps.

The only other PRS I have owned was a core Hollowbody Spruce I foolishly sold. Two very different guitars, but I must say the quality of the build on the S2 is in the same league as the Hollowbody.
I have a stock S2 Standard 24. It's my favourite 'workhorse' guitar. It plays really well, the pickups (though not the american made ones) sound great (I've used it for both jazz and rock music), and it's solid as a rock. Best of all, I picked it up new for £900, so I don't mind it getting a ding or a knock now and again (unlike if it were a core). Bang for buck wise, it's the best guitar I own