Pickup swap in my SE Custom

Daryl Jones

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Nov 15, 2021
Alberta Canada
I've reached a point where I want to upgrade the pickups in my SE Custom 24. It would have happened eventually anyway, but having my 594 for a while and just recently had an experience with another brand guitar with awesome tone (compared to my Custom) it's time for a step up in tone. Bang for the buck I think it's a reasonable option.
I'm thinking of an SD Distortion in the bridge and the SD Jazz in the neck. I also thought of a complete set of Pearly Gates, but I really like the more distinct tone separation of the two somewhat different p'ups over and above the location/position changes things. Of course realizing that I should probably upgrade to USA pots (or at least something better than the SE) and blade switch as well.
I could just go ahead and do it, but thought I'd throw it out there.
5909 kill in my core Cu24. Would never move them for anything. I've tried quite a few pickups in my se Cu24 and the DW tomahawks stayed. Absolutley rock and extremely versatile. The wolfetone MH/DrV was excellent, and the JB/Jazz were in the mix with the others somewhere before I updated the pots, jack, and switch with core. Well worth it to do it all.
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The distortion jazz sounds good if you like high gain...I have a JB 59 in a standard 22 and it rocks the house 3 nights a week...had a distortion in a hss strat and was surprising versatile and sounded great clean too...go for it!
Don't be afraid to look outside the world of Seymour Duncan...there are a lot of great pickup makers out there. Bare Knuckle has great pickups. If you want sort of a hot PAF, the VHII are great, I had the Abraxas set in my S2 Custom 22 Semi Hollow, and on occasion I miss that guitar, but I really dig the 10th Anniversary S2 Custom 24 that replaced it. The Abraxas are a higher output pickup that are pretty well balanced. I've also seen folks use something a little hotter like a Crawler or Cold Sweat in the bridge and an Abraxas in the bridge. Also don't sleep on the likes of Lindy Fralin, Lollar, Monty's, Mojotone, and of course some of the PRS offerings.
My SE Singlecut with pearly gates pickups
I love this guitar
The tone is awesome