Pickup Pole Piece Swap? Advice Needed...

Hopeful Sinner

Angry Southern Gentleman
Apr 26, 2012
I have a set of gold McCarty pickups in my SE Santana and I want to switch the pole piece screws with some nickel covered ones I have.

So, my question is this; Is it as simple as just swapping the screws or are there other factors like height etc to consider?

I apologize for the remedial nature of my question and also appreciate any help....
Just do them one at a time, Jon. I've done this 3 - 4 times without incident.

There are some who suggest the angle of the screw head matters. That's voodoo to me. Screw height is a factor with measurable results.
Hi! I read your post and I was wondering what kind of pole piece screw did you use and if you have to wax pot them before you screw them into the pickup.

Your help would be greatly appreciated!
Did this several times! Don't worry at all
Beware of mixing scews "type"
For instance: bkp screws are bulkier on top, and longer.
Dimarzios have shorter and longer depending on pickups, with slightly smaller screw head
But at the end, I've tried every "brand" of screw in different pickups without problem
ATM i'm running gold prs polepieces into two bare knuckle pickups and it works.

Also, PRS gold plating is more 'matte' than others.