Picked up a Zach myers, looking for pickup change advice

Rusty Mcdangles

New Member
Nov 26, 2023

NGD for me, picked up this beautiful guy. Anyone own or owned one? Looking at upgrading the pups PRS or not, appreciate the insight :)
I tried on mine with a set of Seth Lovers, but ended up going back to the stock pickups. Only other thing I would even consider now would be 57/08 or 58/15, but I like the current ones enough that it’s not worth the price.
I’m not sure, I’ve just tried many USA prs and loved how clear, articulate and diverse they were. So I’m open to see what everyone’s favorite pups are
Have to agree. The articulation is one of the main things that sets the core pickups and s apart to my ears.

5708 are always a win
5909 bridge and 5708 neck is a killer combo
5815LT are really sweet too. The bridge isn't my first choice, but not a bad one either. I use LTs in the neck of a combo with either a 5708 or 5909 in the bridge

Honorable non PRS mention that rock. Wolfetone pickups. Marshallhead in the bridge and DrV in the neck or a set of DrV.
My choice with that guitar would be a \M/ pickup in the bridge and a 5708 in the neck. I think that combo makes sense for a ZM signature.

I had one of the old ones and it was a flawless guitar but I parted with it because I didn't like the pickups. The neck was alright but the bridge seemed sortve thin and neither felt like they had much character. I do wish I had that guitar back though.