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  1. R

    Picked up a Zach myers, looking for pickup change advice

    NGD for me, picked up this beautiful guy. Anyone own or owned one? Looking at upgrading the pups PRS or not, appreciate the insight :)
  2. Kolep

    Narrowfields for sale?

    Does anyone have a spare narrowfield PU that they'd be willing to part with? I'm putting together a franken-PRS and want to see if I could get my hands on one. If not, anyone have any ideas of how to secure one? I reached out to PRS but they told me they don't sell those by themselves at this time.
  3. M

    HFS or HFS 2?

    Hello everyone, I've got an interesting question that I'm sure the seasoned PRS experts here can easily answer. I own a PRS HFS pickup bought in 2008 (you can see it in the attached pictures). What I'm particularly keen to discover is the specific type of HFS this pickup is. I came across some...
  4. M

    HFS VS HFS 2 - Which one is mine?

    Hello everyone, I've got an interesting question that I'm sure the seasoned PRS experts here can easily answer. I own a PRS HFS pickup bought in 2008 (you can see it in the attached pictures). What I'm particularly keen to discover is the specific type of HFS this pickup is. I came across some...
  5. S

    Upgrade SE Mira Pickups?

    Hey Everyone, Any thoughts on upgrading the pickups in a SE Mira? Has anyone tried this with maybe 57/08's, or something different like Lollar imperials? The SE Mira's stock pickups aren't bad, but I have a McCarty with 57/08's and just love it a lot more.
  6. Julian

    Vela Mod

    Hello all, Just swapped out my vela bridge pickup for a humbucker sized p90. It happens to match the neck pickup and I am super stocked about how it turned out. Love the way it sounds and looks!
  7. zedzero

    2022 PRS se custom 24-08 with TCI S pickups

    i just got a beautiful se custom 24-08, and love it! I was wondering specs on the tci s pickups. Are they ceramic pickups? or what alnico are they? just curious. If anyone knows?
  8. L

    Pickups 85/15's

    So my first ever forum registration...mostly just to encourage those who hate on the 85/15's. Well, I hated them too. I just couldn't fall in love and then I read an article that said leave your volume and tone knobs cranked up all the way and that changed the game for me. Love them now. So my...
  9. M

    SE Paul's Guitar pickup replacement question

    If I swap the stock pickups to dragon 2s will it keep full functionality?
  10. S

    57/08 vs. 58/15 LT

    Hello Everyone, I have a set of 57/08 pickups in my McCarty and wondering what differences there are between these and the 58/15 LT pickups available right now?
  11. C

    PRS SE Standard 24-08 bridge pickup issue

    Hi all, Recently got the 24-08 from Sweetwater mailed to me. I’ve got a Gibson LP, Fender Strat, and an acoustic. I run all my guitars through a Polytune 3 (for the buffer) through a Line 6 Pod Go wireless. I use both in-ears at home and FRFR monitors. Never had any issues with this rig before...
  12. A

    Tremonti SE 2018 switching issue

    Hello all, I have a switching or pickup issue with my tremonti SE. In the bridge and middle positions the sound is absolutely fine and doesn't drop out. If I switch to the neck position i will either have very intermittent sound or no sound at all. My guesses are that I've either got a bad...
  13. gpdb

    PRS TCI Pickups Explained

    Hi everyone - Ever since the TCI nomenclature came out, it's been incredibly confusing to follow. From many posts I've seen on the internet about it, it seems that a lot of other people were confused too. So I did a bunch of research, and I think I've written a clear and concise article...
  14. S

    Custom 24 - Feeling Uninspired

    Hey everyone. Longtime reader of this forum but this is my first post. I have a 2011 Cu24. It came with a Vintage Bass/HFS and 3-way toggle with push-pull. It has served me very well. Things I love about it are: Bridge pickup with some gain, the trem, the playability, the neck. Things I...
  15. D

    Help with wiring in a 2021 se custom 24

    Hi all, I have a 2021 SE Custom 24, I tried adding a new pickup with I believe is faulty. I have tried just putting the stock pickups back but I'm having little success and the wiring diagrams aren't much help. Noobie mistake not taking a picture before starting. I was wondering if anyone had...
  16. V

    Unlabeled PUs, need help

    Hey there, my first post here, hello to everybody. I recently bought a used guitar, and the former owner said, he bought it from a guy who said he swapped the PUs from a PRS-SE. So I wanted to know what they are exactly and took the screwdriver to get them out. But they have no label or sticker...
  17. C

    How can I make my PRS SE sound more like a Les Paul?

    Hi everyone, This year, I've gotten a guitar somewhere above "low end" for the first time. I got a PRS SE Orianthi signature. I really like everything about it, witb the exception of the bridge pickup. It has the SE HFS/VB pickups. The neck seems fine, and I'm aware of the displacement due to...
  18. D

    Replacing uncovered 59/09 with covered 57/08 on Custom 24

    Hello everyone. I just got on eBay a set of 57/08 pickups. I currently have 59/09 uncovered pickups that came factory installed on my 2012 Custom 24 with 5-way blade. I wanted a bit less harsh and vintage sounding pickup and wanted to give the 57/08 a try. Anyway, i think I’ll have some trouble...
  19. G

    Replacing 5909 bridge pickup

    Hi there: So I got a 2012 custom 24 couple weeks ago and I’m really loving it. My only issue is that I find its 5909 bridge pickup a bit too bright for my taste. Does anyone have any recommendations on pickups with similar output level but slightly warmer/less harsh on the treble side? I’ve...
  20. Patrick Montgomery

    Narrowfield Coil Tap/Split

    Is there a version of the Narrowfield that has a coil tap or split? I am trying to spec out a PS build of a SSH, with some custom switching and didn't know if they had ever offered that. I have a WL SHH and love the tone of the Narrowfield, but would like the option to have more tonal...