zach myers

  1. R

    Picked up a Zach myers, looking for pickup change advice

    NGD for me, picked up this beautiful guy. Anyone own or owned one? Looking at upgrading the pups PRS or not, appreciate the insight :)
  2. j.a.

    PRS SE Zach Myers one month later

    It's been a month since I got the PRS SE Zach Myers and this are my thoughts on it: Pros: Sounds amazing, versatile, from Jazz to Rock including those 60's sounds Very comfortable to play, love the fat neck, as ergonomic as my Starla to play sitting down. Looks amazing, the matching maple...
  3. edisonrgf

    PRS SE 2013 Zach Myers Silver Sparkle Burst

    Hello! I recently purchased this PRS SE Zach Myers 2013, but I can't find much information about it. Why can't I find much about her on YouTube? Were few manufactured? is she a bad guitar? I would like your opinion, I am from Brazil and PRS guitars are very expensive and there is not much...
  4. P

    SE Paul's Guitar vs Zach Myers

    Similar: 22 frets, mahogany neck, wraparound bridge, wide fat neck profile. Different: 25" scale (PG) vs 24.5" (ZM), solid (PG) vs semi (ZM); pickups; control scheme. (I'm ignoring the difference in body shape and tuners, as I don't think those are as influential as the other specs on tone or...
  5. Bradley Gavel

    The Family (so far)

    I like Singlecuts alright, it's a disease, you're not perfect either :D (and a random Mexican black Strat haha)
  6. Bradley Gavel

    New Toy Arrived Today

    I present to you: Laurie. Named her after my mother who always supported me in my musical endeavors and she also bought this for me, enjoy :D Pics aren't the highest of quality but if it fires up the GAS for anyone, I call that a win
  7. Anomaly

    Replacement Tuners for new Zach Myers SE?

    Hey all. I just bought a Zach Myers SE. brand new 2021 in blue. I’m looking to put locking tuners on it, but I’ve read so much conflicting information. A lot of folks says the Gotoh SD90 is a direct drop in, but then I read on here that they didn’t work for some people due to the size. Wondering...
  8. Simon_Smith

    Zach Myers 2021 Coil Split

    Has anyone done it yet? I've ordered some bits and have laid out this diagram of stock and after coil split switching added (with trebble bleeds too). Can anyone see anything wrong? There probably is, but hopefully not. I got the pup wire colours...
  9. Simon_Smith

    Zach Myers Stock Electrics

    Can anyone help me figure out the component values / types in my 2021 ZM? I want to know so I can plan out upgrading some bits... I'm going to assume all four pots are 500k, but are they going to be linear or audio taper? I measured the resistance on the tone pots today, they were 500k, but I...
  10. Guitarjon

    DNGD: SC58 & SE Zach Myers

    This was a good week! Traded two of my guitars for these 2 beauties! A PRS SE Zach Meyers and a SC58! The SC58 is my first USA PRS and I'm loving it. It has a beautiful top and it came with one of those artists cases, very luxurious! This guitar has a very warm and lush sound with plenty of body...
  11. Ovibos

    NGD - PRS SE ZM, aka Dr. Manhattan

    I opened the box yesterday. I've always liked the Zach Myers, but never vibed with the zebras/faded trampas/ivory tuners. These new ones took my breath away, and I kept seeing glowing reviews on YT. So I reached out to a few dealers to see when they were coming in, and ended up placing an...
  12. Ovibos

    What's the pot friction like on recent SEs?

    I'm kinda interested in maybe acquiring the new Zach Myers, and it got me thinking about SE pot friction. My only SE with stock pots is a Korean 2014 Custom 24, which has the old hard-to-turn volume and free-spinning tone that seemed to be the norm. So, for those with recent SEs, particularly...
  13. B

    Thoughts on SE Zach Myers vs Paul's guitar?

    Hi all, Any thoughts on the differences and preferences of each one? I'm a returning guitarist and being at pretty bad shape at the moment :confused:, already having a Gibson SG (maybe will be sold) and a Squier Stratocaster. I'm looking for extra motivation! The only point in favor that I...
  14. tyfu20

    Double NGD!

    Well my enabler friends, I picked up a 2014 Standard 24 McCarty Tobacco gloss and a 2016 SE Zach Myers, both in good shape and for considerably less than what I should have paid. The 24 has a DiMarzio Air Norton in the bridge and the HFS in the neck, middle position wired for out of phase...
  15. Mozzi

    Zach Myers....

    Interview with Zach Myers. He shares stories of his early days as a blues kid in Memphis, how he crafts arena-rocking riffs, and what he got wrong on his first signature model - maybe hinting that a new ZM model is in the works... Apart from the Colour, the Guitar he has is a stunning Hollowbody...
  16. Blakemore

    Bummed NGD - SE Neck profiles

    Long story short - I own a Zach Myers SE in quilt burst that I absolutely love. I play in a few different tunings so I bought a second Zach Myers in Trampas Green to go with the burst and it arrived today. The necks on the two guitars are waaay different. The Quilt burst neck sits right...
  17. GavQuinn

    SE Vintage/Kluson Replacement

    Hello all, Can anyone recommend a replacement Kluson tuner that dops in for the SE models? Bernie Marsden. I don't want locking tuners or to ream bigger holes etc, I like the Klusons, I just want to know if there are a better quality drop in available and if anyone's got them. I know Gotoh do...
  18. Hoove

    2017 PRS SE Zach Myers electronics upgrades

    Long time reader, first time poster. 1. So, I have been pretty happy with my purchase. However, the pickups seem to lack a little life, so I am ordering Seymour Duncan JB / Jazz set. 2. Like many others, I have had tuning problems. So, a Tusq XL nut is on the way. 3. Lately, I have also...
  19. tyfu20


    '][/URL]Misters Tremonti, Marsden, and Myers would like to formally introduce the SE Custom 22 semi hollow as the newest member of the family. She sounds great, I did add the lampshades to her, but was set up excellently by a JM in MD. Looking forward to spending plenty of quality time with her.
  20. Spinland

    Seeking split coil wiring diagram help for 2017 Zach Myers

    I did a fun coil-splitting mod on my SE C22 semihollow, but in that case I also put in S-D pickups and a six-way toggle to control the selections. Worked great, and S-D (and the Free-way switch company) had great documentation available so my task was rather straightforward. This time around...