One out, one in... Bye bye, Dustie, it's NSSD!

Jimi D

@ the hundredth meridian
Jun 21, 2013
Prince Edward Island
After a few months of trying to come to terms with my Dustie Waring Hardtail I picked up last summer, I finally surrendered to my taste for bigger necks and more vintage pickups, trading it for a 2020 maple neck Silver Sky in Moc Sand and a handful of interesting pedals. I've had the Silver Sky for a while now, and I'm so comfortable with it I even showed one of my last two Fender Strats the door as redundant.

Thought it was time I introduced it to the forum, so here's a pic of it with my 2022 with the 57/08 in the bridge:

My modded SS has the trem set to floating, but the Moc Sand has the decked trem, and I'm going to keep it that way (hence the longer trem arm). These really are a pleasure to play; wonderful S-style guitars... I'm very happy I made the trade.
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