Silver Sky vs Fender CS

Would you swap this for a Silver Sky

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This is something that is very personal to the individual and there is no right or wrong answer - just what is the 'best' option for you.

I can't deny that owning a 'Fender Strat' or 'Gibson Les Paul' for example is the only way to get a Stratocaster or Les Paul as they are owned by Fender/Gibson and 'everything' else is another brands attempt at offering a 'similar' musical instrument to compete and/or add their own unique brand tweaks. Anything else isn't a Strat or Les Paul by law because they are names owned by Fender or Gibson.

That being said, that doesn't mean that ONLY a Fender or Gibson is 'good enough' for you. Maybe PRS, Suhr, Tom Anderson etc may make an S-Type that you prefer the sound, feel, playability etc of, maybe even find them cheaper than Custom Shop too that are still going to last a lifetime, still a 'great' instrument that your 'audience'' won't care - its all about the 'music' and you being happy, comfortable and able to 'rely' on your instrument to get that music out.

That's why I can't vote here. Instruments are very personal to the musician and sentiment, nostalgia and even the 'look' of an instrument can be enough to warrant owning it over alternatives. Therefore go with your heart and head (if you can), maybe get a Silver Sky in addition to the Fender CS and then decide if you wish to part with one or keep both...
All in the neck, feel radius. I tried a Silver Sky a couple years ago. Bought it from Sweetwater, tried and tried for my 30 day trial window and sent it back. The 7.5 radius did not work for me so if you are considering a SS, I urge you to go play one.
I play 9.5 and 10 inch radius guitars primarily and for me, this 7.5 radius won't work. Stickin with my Strat necks and my Custom shop 22's and 24's. S Sky way different so again, go play one. good luck
Also, do you really need to let go of your custom shop to get the SS? You can find a used SS for under $2,000. I got my keeper for about $1,500 used buying one online from guitar center. It was marked down due to a ding in the finish, which doesn’t bother me. Plus they have a generous return policy if you don’t like it. Mine is a more recent model in white with maple board.

I much prefer the newer models, because the frets are a bit taller, which makes the vintage radius so much easier to play.

So, maybe you could sell off some other gear to fund a used SS and be able to keep the custom shop?
I got my keeper for about $1,500 used buying one online from guitar center. It was marked down due to a ding in the finish, which doesn’t bother me.
This ^ The SS used has been steadily price dropping down to reality, but so have Strats. I missed out on a smokin hot deal for a SS last month or so. Overslept on the offer.. quite a few more tempting good deals have come across too.
You could 100% change the Trem I recommend the Mann Made one as it feels like a PRS.
I spent decades , buying , selling, modding Strats and there are always something great about them but at the same time there was always something to dislike also for me.
LOVE my Silver Sky