Old SE Custom 22 Semi Hollow vs Newer- Can they sound the same?

Blues Jam

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Sep 4, 2022
Hey PRS friends. I‘m new to the forum and I would really appreciate all of your collective input.

A few years ago, I owned an older model PRS SE Custom 22 semi hollow. It was the green one, with the moon dots. I loved the way it sounded but I traded it in.

Now, I’m looking for another PRS and I love the way the new Santana yellow semi hollow custom 22 looks. I’ve tried the new Santana yellow custom 22 in the store and the pickups sound somewhat sterile and harsh. They are the 85/15s pickups. The old custom 22 had the 85/15 pickups in it.

Do you think that if I swapped the pickups in the newer custom 22 that it would sound like the old one or are the two guitars too different now? I know the old one had a one piece bridge and the new one has a tremolo style bridge. Maybe the woods are different between then and now…

Thank you all, in advance.
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