Looking for SE Santana


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Apr 17, 2024
I'm trying to decide which SE Santana to get. I'm mostly interested in the model with original pickups that will give me a good tone. Like Santana, Smooth etc.
I recently bought and let go of a PRS S2 22 because the 58/15 S pickups were not what I was looking for. I see the Santana SE comes with a variety of pickups.
Looking for some recommendations.
The new SE models have Santana ‘S’ pickups. I haven’t heard them so can’t give an opinion.

The older Korean made ones had SE245 pickups I believe. Hopefully someone will confirm or deny that. They’re actually pretty nice pickups so may be worth finding a used one.
Being a new guy on here please ex plain which are the crown jewel pickups for PRS? I've seen some high end Santanas with the same lousy 58/15 pickups had in my S2.
The 58/15 pickups in the S2 line are the "S" imported pickups. The 58/15 that would be in the Santana are the Maryland made version. US made Santanas would come stock with Santana pickups, unless someone ordered something else.

As for "crown jewel" PRS pickups, the US made 59/09 and 57/08 are considered among the best. The \m/ pickups are great, and shouldn't be judged by their name.
I have a Santana SE Singlecut with the newer TCI ”S” pickups. They were cool, but swapping them for some good ol’ Duncans was a massive upgrade.

I also have a Santana MD 10-Top. Now that sounds like Smooth (and a whole lot of other things).