That's a great looking guitar. I want one of those so bad... Congrats!

I can see me upgrading to a setrr of PRS Phase III tuners at some point as the S2 Tuners that are on it are good but I need a good set of USA made not USA designed and Korean made tuners on it as the PRS Phase IIIs are killer tuners as they are on my Studio and Tremonti.
Aren't the Phase III tuners made by Gotoh in Japan?
I want a real bad. Love that one!
Yeah... I couldn't wait... I just bought one :D. I'll let you know what it's like when I get it. I bought a SE Soapbar used and it's like perfect, so I didn't see why I wouldn't by a used Vela for $850 instead of $1400.
I`m surpried they don`t use Hiphot. Aside from being the last of the American made, their tuners really float my boat. I have them on all my SE`s.
So I just got mine from online today! It's definitely interesting and I totally like it!

First off, it's pretty light in comparison to my PRS Soapbar or Epiphone Special II.

The pickups are very interesting! The neck pickup, the one that I thought would be the weirdest, is actually well balanced and and pretty smooth. It seems to handle everything pretty well from clean to metal (I actually like it on metal setting quite a bit) and can play over the EQ spectrum pretty well. It also sounds really well in a jazz setup too. It's not going to disappoint you.

The bridge single coil is the most different from the neck. It's country hot and bright and trebely and very single coily. It's a very unique sound, although it can sound thin and flat on some settings due to it's tone and doesn't respond as well to wacking out the EQ settings. However I really like this one as well, as it sounds bright and country like.

And then the humbucker carries some of the brightness and hotness from the single coil, but is fatter and richer and more balanced. It's a very nice contrast to the coolness of the neck pickup.

Then you can mix them all, which I haven't spent as much time doing, but they do blend well, with no coil overpowering the other. My Soapbar sounds distinctly different from all of them though, with a tone that's not quite like any of the settings you have on the Vela.

But you get three very different sounds out of one guitar, it's very much a do it all guitar, and it seems like it could be used a lot and take a bit of a beating and still play well.