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Nov 13, 2012
Glasgow, Scotland
Finally tracked doen a good used example of a PRS S2 Vela for my 'country rock/something different' guitar. Play time for me is in the minutes whilst plugged into a amp and not much more acoustically as I've been real busy. But from what I've seen so far, this thing is a goer. Glad i went used with a few play marks and such as this is a working mans instrument, a instrument thats meant to show signs of age and be played lots!

Anyways, ill cut the crap and babble, heres the crappy iPhone pics:

And with its Core and 10 Top Brothers:

She's a goer, eh?! Wink wink, nudge nudge!

I really want a S2 Vela with a gold anodized brushed aluminum pickguard.
Congratulations on an awesome guitar! It rounds out the collection nicely!
Thanks all.

Short review, Ive been so damnd busy between a new car and sorting out all the small issues that come with that and doing the procession of wedding photos I did for someone Ive only literally had 40 minutes with it. The neck pickup is brilliantly creamy and chimey, and that's through a 6505MH!!! The Starla bridge pickup is more like a humbucker, but id say its situated between a hot P90 and the 59/09 in my Mushok Baritone. It takes extreme saturation well, to be honest id be quite happy playing metal with this pickup, not death metal tho, I'm talking more classic metal like Metallica. The coil tap adds that variable, it apes a Telecaster quite nicely, the twang is ironed out with the Mahogany body from the impression I'm getting, but for non twangy players (like me) who need a kick ass guitar for everything from Country to Classic Rock and Classic Metal with everything in the middle, this is your guitar.

Only thing I have changed is the Schaller trap locks and a set of Ernie Ball 10-46s, but I need to get the G/B/E stings sorted out with a set up as the altitude is a little too high for me. I can see me upgrading to a setrr of PRS Phase III tuners at some point as the S2 Tuners that are on it are good but I need a good set of USA made not USA designed and Korean made tuners on it as the PRS Phase IIIs are killer tuners as they are on my Studio and Tremonti.

Need to get my camera out and get a photo of all 4 of my PRS. Next guitar will either be a Ibanez RG or a Taylor 110e. The plan for 2016 is going real well so far, all I need is... I'm not letting my plan out to anyone, all I will say is it wont be a one million dollar ransom but it will I will feel not far off it if I can do it all this year.
Thank you for that ESP!!!

So I'm looking at the Vela as a potential next dream purchase. I love the way it looks. As you describes ESP, it sounds like a very versatile guitar, which is what I want. If I got a vela, could I sell my strat clone guitar and use this as a my only single coil guitar and not feel like I am missing something? Also the humbucker, would it be different enough from the PRS P90 pickup? And finally, can you tell me more about the neck pickup? What cool things is it good for with that vintage output?

I'm thinking with a Vela, PRS P90, and a EMG H4 guitar I should have covered all the bases:
Vintage single coil, strat like with the vela in middle position, hot tele like single coil, P90, moderate humbucker, then heavy high output humbucker. Do you think the Vela would be what I need to cover the bases missing by my P90 PRS and EMG guitar?
Very nice. I think you did a wonderful job of capturing three wildly different guitar styles.