No less than THREE videos up now from my latest clinic in Tokyo

Richard Lainegard

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Jun 15, 2012
So all in all no less than THREE videos up from my clinic in Tokyo in October.
Two made by Ikebe, one pasted together by yours truly, here they are.

I should also mention that although I used my P22 mostly
(with Rautia pickups (duble single coil in neck), I do also use
a Suhr and some headless Strandberg guitars as well.

All the tones are through the Leqtique overdrive pedals
and a Two-Rock Reverb Signature with Deeflexx in front.

Mine (has the most playing by far):

Ikebe part 1:

Ikebe part 2:
Thx guys!
I was really pleased with how well the P22 performed with the new pickups,
best "strat" tones I have yet to get from a PRS, so a very versatile axe indeed :proud:

My one concern was that the RW neck tended to feel "sticky" in the humid climate of
Shanghai and Tokyo, especially on the outdoors performances.
I actually ended up using some 1200grit wetsand ( a small piece),
to "smooth" up the back of the neck again.
I know you're not "supposed" to finish RW necks, but I must say that
I am temped since I will be presented with the same problem
come next asia-stunt.

How about shellac, might be an option no? (maybe this deserves a thread of its own I guess)