NGD Tortise Triple Soapy !

there's a Korina Triple Soapy on the verb now ....but it's just the top .. and a PS
Well that's about the best endorsement one could ask for !

I can now fully appreciate it

She arrived late this afternoon , all that Soapy goodness and the out of phase sounds are strat city . I'd heard they used a DGT neck carve , and all I can say is it feels like it . VERY similar to my Westie but 22 fret and a touch narrower , which matches the DGT specs I've seen . The neck has a subtle flame , and thankfully sounds pretty rich .

WAY Satisfied , through my acoustic amp .. super sweet cleans .. into the DG 30 with a tube dist pedal ... ROCKIN

The tortiseshell finish matches the wood color on the DG 30 really well ...
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my cure for insomnia
for now I call her .38 Special .. not for the gun or band .. but because she's #38 in my collection and she's quite special. My boss Sophia laughed " You got ANOTHER guitar! , What makes this one SO special .... She'll see at tonight's gig. I did name my '55 LP Special flame top after her .. so it's a fair question ...
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I've discerned she has a mahogany neck , there is a nice honey colored one also with a mahogany neck I've got my eye on , my watch list will wait for now
I like the neck carve on this so much I may just pick another up so my grandsons don't fight over them
And this one has been in my watch list for quite some time.
Not sure what the deal is and why it's still for sale as price seems very fair...
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Been watching that forever.. I think it's way overpriced with all the issues. So does the market, it's been up for years and a ton of offers. If it couldn't sell during the great covid boom, it's overpriced. That and the pics are pathetic with a red flag calling it very good condition.

Worn and PRS that need work, just don't move.