NGD and its a cracker..oh and its a PRS.

Max Headroom

The jacka$$ formerly known as AceRimmer
Mar 15, 2023
So I had a really good time last weekend on NOT managing my de-acquisition
Three guitars but only one of them was PRS so here we go with my NGD just for that as it just arrived courtesy of Mr UPS.
2001 McCarty 10 Top with rosewood neck.
A nice surprise in the OHC was the original tuners as it now has Grover tuners on it.
This was a working musicians guitar and I actually have an album by the band that this guitar came from, pretty neat I think.
Saying that it's in pretty good shape imho to say its been gigged and recorded with over the years.
I'm going to enjoy this one as it felt...'right" straight away!

Beautiful! Congrats!!

Out of curiosity, is there anything aside from body thickness that would differentiate a mccarty from this era with a fixed bridge/3 way switch/moons custom 22 from a similar era?