New To The PRS Forum. My One & Only...Dead Mint 95 Custom 22 10 Top


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Jun 11, 2013
Since I've owned this honey for several years, I thought it was time to join the PRS Forum.
Mostly own/collect Gibsons and Fender, but this one gets raves by it's looks and it's playability.
She is stone 100% dead mint flawless...

Welcome to the forums. Excellent guitar. That color will always be one of my favorites. Rock machine!
I've said for years that the 95-96 CU22's with Dragon I's are something really special! I've asked more that a few times if my old tech would sell me his 96....Nope....he's being buried with it! Nice guitar and welcome!
Gorgeous guitar but you need to play that thing!

I have a '95 that's beat to death but sounds awesome. It gets played a lot.
Most of my time is spent with my old Juniors, a '54 and a '59.
I know it's a shame this one doesn't get played, but I'm a small time collector and just a hack guitar player.
Probably should put this one up for sale one of these days and get it into the hands of a real musician.
Beautiful! Very nice top. Count me in as another early Cu22 fan. My 94 B-stock ain't going ANYWHERE.