New to the forum : Just got my first PRS, 2013 Paul's Guitar

Suppalak Klabdee

PRSi in Black Gold with binding for life
Jun 7, 2013
Bangkok, Thailand
Hello from Bangkok, Thailand!

I have been really interested in PRS since 2007 when I thought it was time to get serious with electric guitar (again). Frankly, I have not known PRS before then, but when I joined the GuitarThai forum, there were many talks about them. I was stunned with the look, but even more with the price!!! Darn, those were expensive and way out of my league!

My search went on and I ended up with Musicman John Petrucci JP6 with full option (forget to tell you all that I love Metal and my favourite bands are Metallica and Dream Theater, and of course that what I played). Then out of any expectation, I suddenly found myself in a band that played 80's - 90's Thai pop-rock songs. While the JP6 is a well rounded guitar, it is based on Metal player thus the sound tends to be more compressed and not as expressive.

Now 6 years has past, life moves on and now I am ready for a new guitar. PRS is the first one that came across my mind and I have tried my hands on several, if not a few, of Custom 22, 24. I got real close to one of my friends's Custom 22 but something told me to keep looking...

And then I found this beauty in Facebook...

A 2013 Paul's Guitar, and not just any Paul's Guitar, this one has got one of the most amazing Quilted top I have ever laid my eyes on (apart from those PS of yours that kept me drooling for 6 years!). The colour was Copper, which compliment the "wood" nicely. It was love at first sight. I have no idea what it was, the search started and I fell in love even deeper...

Finally, I made up my mind. I called my friend to apologize that I have to put off the deal with his Custom 22. The next day the seller came to my office holding the case, well THE case. I did not expect the case like that but it is the guitar that we are talking about here.

The moment that the case was open, the whole world stopped, seriously, I knew he had me instantly. The deal was done in less than 5 minutes, never expected that I would make decision to spend this much in such short amount of time!

Enough raving, and oh, I have not even touched on the sound yet ^ ^

Crisp, Thick, Full body and cut through the mix. This guitar encourage me to lower the gain of the amp ! The coil split and pick-up selection also expand the sound scape nicely. Even unplugged, this Paul's guitar just have that acoutic vibe like no others.

Enough said, now the pics... no more explanation is needed here, I think :biggrin:






my first words on seeing the first pic. wwooooooooooowwwwww. that is one killer quilt. love it. welcome aboard as well. ( now going to sulk)
Thank you all for a warm welcome :biggrin:

I love the look, the sound and the versatility of this so much but I also missed the trem, gold hardware, burst and FLAME!!! In my opinion, PRS collections sould have both quilted and flame top.

And of course, there exist the Brazilian RW that I only heard about but never experienced one...

That is why the 408 MT with Brazilian RW neck&fretboard, trem, gold (in fact, mixed) hardware and 10 top flame maple in Black Gold burst is on its long journey from US to Bangkok :biggrin:
Awesome guitar there man! All of these Paul's guitars are stunners.