New Product Announcement? Any Speculations?

Lucky for me GAS averted. The only one of these I would even possibly use is the Horsemeat and I have a ton of good OD pedals already. The price tag for it is a bit high compared to other great OD pedals on the market as well. I wish them luck but I have the feeling these are not going to be huge sellers. Hopefully I am wrong.
Those are the most asinine names for guitar pedals coming from the Paul Reed Smith brand. Awful, off putting and frankly stupid. Someone on the committee thought they'd be 'hip' and/or 'clever' or something.

I can read the reviews right now...The PRS Horsemeat pedal should be called "Horses***" for example.

How about PRS Flanger, PRS Overdrive, PRS Compressor. Or are those not descriptive enough?
Just going to say it. $219 for a 2-knob compressor is pretty silly, no matter how nice it might be. If it were in the $150 range, it would be a whole other story.
I paid that for a Suhr compressor 4 years ago.

The popular Origin Effects compressor is $419 or $359, depending on model. The Empress is $220, the Boss CP1x is $170, The Darkglass is $270 and the Strymon is $299.

So if it's good (haven't tried it), not silly at all.

Plus optical compressors like the LA-2A are about $4,700. So it all depends how good it is. Ewald's demo sounds great, but I'd like to try before buy. But the hardware LA-2A is absolutely my favorite compressor of all time for vocals and guitar.

If it's good it's a bargain, and if so, I'll buy one just to have it around.

[EDIT] having listened to the demos, this stuff is worth checking out. I may have to make a second board. Schmidt Array will be happy to hear from me if these are good. Damn. :eek:

Even worse news: I love the way the flanger sounds. Dammit. Oh sh!t. I'm gonna want these I fear. I was hoping I wouldn't like them and could dismiss these early. I need to try them.

I hate myself for liking audio so much.
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Hmmm...well, I'm not a huge pedal guy, so this doesn't do much for me, personally.

Maybe it's my own mediocre reception clouding what I perceive, but Paul didn't come off as really excited about these as he usually is when he launches a new product. I don't know, it's like you can see it in his face when something he's pitching REALLY gets him excited...I just didn't get that here.

This kind of seems like maybe they're just dipping their toes in the water to see what the market does. And maybe that's why he's a bit more reserved, or maybe he just didn't feel much like doing the video that day.

I liked the sound of the pedals, and I'm sure they'll sell plenty of them.

All in all, I like seeing PRS trying new things and pushing their creative boundaries and wish them all the success.
I brought my iPad to work so I could watch the announcement. I got half way through the first demo before I was interrupted by an employee needing technical assistance. So now I'm going to re-watch the whole thing from the beginning.

First impression... I'm reminded of Strymon tones and can't help but wonder if the asking price is goig to be comparable to Strymon effects pedals.
All jokes aside, the pedal does sound pretty good. Will it wow me? Won’t know til I try it. I appreciate that they added a lot of tone shaping ability. The difficulty is, they’re getting into a super saturated market, with a lot of very talented builders, and potentially eroding demand for single function analog pedals. Don’t get me wrong, I hope everything turns out aces… it’s just a bold move.

This. I’m going to try them, and I’d I like them, I’ll buy them. But it’s a very crowded field, and just like every other pedal out there, for every person who loves them, there will be about 10 who find some flaw with them. Which is no different than with a Tube Screamer or a Boss Compressor or any other pedal. But no doubt there will be a tad bit of extra vitriol just because it’s PRS (see Sky, Silver).
Paul actually sold me on the compressor, the demo, at least, finally seems like a compressor that doesn't rob all the tone from the guitar.

Paul: "We couldn't tell if it was working."
Me: "Perfect!"

Ordered that and the Dogmeat (lil Fallout joke there) from Ish.

PS: No, I couldn't get them to do a 4 month layaway.