"New" Product Category ...

A "New" product category?
Hell, I've had one of These since the early '80s:


Uhhhh... I don't see anyone pluggin' this into their output socket .... and maybe walkin around with it ? :)

Early Eighties pre-dates my Guitar Affliction ... Still the Hi-Fi Audiofly strictly , back then ...

OK after doing a quick "Google" on this thing .... (when I'm supposed to be workin !!!)

I see this beast is clearly a predecessor of the Brand F Micro Ponycar ! With the advances in miniaturization and digital circuit design ... We get the more capable, smaller and cheaper product of today !!! :)

Somebody at Brand F probably has one of these things, and thought to revamp it .

Everything "Old" is "New" again !!! (especially if you were unaware of the old dude) :rolleyes:
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because i mentioned the show, guy from st elsewhere and oldest actor ever died today, frickin 106 years old!
I saw that and thought about this thread. Odd coincidence............or was it????
She just asks if there’s anything I want every once in awhile. Most times I say no, but every so often there is... I dunno, I went through an acquisition phase when my mom died and we were rehabbing the house, but now there’s nothing left for me to really want. I have it all.
Another kid?????:p