New HX?

So, half of a HX/DA?

EDIT: And I mean that in a good way. It sounds great!

I'd love to hear a comparison between the new HX and the older HX/DA.

I like the warning they list on the product page:

"Please note: This is a vintage stock volume amp. PRS recommends using a volume attenuator with these amplifiers."
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Thank goodness…. A new amp I don’t have to have, as the HXDA covers this ground for me. :D But HXDAs are getting hard to find, and prices are high. For those who’ve been wanting to go down that path, this is going to be a wonderful option. I like the additional ventilation, and the controls being up front… both are worthwhile improvements.

I’m really glad to see this come back, in a sense, but be it’s own thing at the same time. It’s not just an HXDA in a new box. A welcome addition that fills what had become a glaring gap in the line. At $2900 for the 50, and $3150 for the 100, I think they’ll sell well for them. 2x12 and 4x12 cabs look great too.
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Love everything about this… except Hendrix’s signature on the back. To me, that’s an absolute non-no, and my guess is that it was a condition from Jani Hendrix for giving them access to the amp. Not as bad as Gibson using Hendrix for an S-style guitar, but PRS doesn’t need this. There’s only one signature that ever needs to be on products from PRS - that’s the one that’s already there, and represents the real value and quality of the product. Heck, why not put Jim Marshall’s signature on the back - he certainly has a lot more to do with the amp’s provenance than Hendrix.
Sounds crazy-good in the demos!

As one might expect with different parts in an amp that's based on a modded Hendrix touring amp, it seems to have a different vibe from the HXDA's HX mode.

"That's going to be your excuse to get one, isn't it?"

"Mebbe yes, mebbe no. Your name Lior Suchard?"

"I hope not, since I'm you."

"Just asking since you're wearing a shirt with his initials."

"Those are also our initials, dumbass."

"Well, if your name isn't Lior Suchard, you're not much of a mind-reader, are ya?"

"True enough. But yours is pretty simple to read because you're so obvious."

"It probably helps that you share my brain."

"Anyone here could have predicted you'd be interested in that amp."

"I don't actually know if I want one. Yet!" ;)