My Second PRS Guitar should be?

I love my Fiore. Now, the Fiore neck is pretty close to the pattern neck, which is in that goldilocks zone. If you are dead set on pattern thin you may not like it. The tones are significantly different than my S2 custom 24 though. The single coils are so dynamic and lively.
Hollowbody. I get a great crunch sound, AC/DC-like with mine. Ease up on the gain a bit, and let the natural HB boxy-ness come through
I played the Mccarty...To fat of a neck...I like the thin and wide necks ..Also played the semi hollow SE version and liked it...Phoenix has a bunch of guitar centers.... Its 2 hours away....Maybe ill do that....
I feel ya. Bought a Core McCarty years ago, tried and tried to get the neck to feel right but never did so I dumped it. I much prefer my 60's reissue Les Paul, the neck is awesome. The wide thin/pattern thin PRS necks are fire. No better necks in my opinion.
I’d definitely look at an S2 594 Thinline if you want something with a different sound than your CE. If you want to stay more in the same ballpark, either the semi hollow CE or a used core CE-24. The old core CE’s are incredible guitars, one of those will instantly make your newer one your backup guitar.
I just picked up a DGT SE. What a great playing and sounding guitar.
it's always tough with the second. if you dont need tonal flexibility, or functional flexibility like a piezo, just get a duplicate of your CE so that you have a spare.

however, if you're looking broaden your sonic or functional spectrum, try to find something that does not force you to have to drastically change amp and/or pedal settings when you swap in your guitar. if possible, bring your CE and amp when you audition backups, and try to play at gig volumes.

getting a second/third/fourth/etc. prs is a fantastic journey that knows know destination. it took me a long time to find the perfect combination for me and the music styles of the band, which was a dgt and a cu24 piezo. happy hunting!