Media Room build with Guitar display cabinet almost

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    Being a studio guy, I feel the same way about dust, but the Honeywells I had were way too noisy. The Blue Air 203 and other models are quiet enough to run continuously, and are also hepa filters, which is great if you are allergic, or if you're in a lower level room where molds and other things can create a funky smell. I've used these for about ten years, they're bulletproof. And they work. Mine's on all the time and is quiet enough to be on while I do my work in the studio (it is, however in the far corner of the room).

    I'm looking at the new Dyson hepa filter that uses an even lower fan speed and is supposed to run a couple of db quieter also, - just because I like Dyson stuff and it's cute. But they're new and harder to find at the moment in white.
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    I have to agree with Les on the Honeywell. Very noisy. You may want to look at Rabbit Air. I run a BioGS 2.0 in my living room non stop. If the TV is off, you can't hear it running. About the only time it's noticeable is if there's bacon cooking in the kitchen. That thing blasts off on the smell of bacon grease. They also make an attractive wall mount unit that may fit in with your decor.

    Also +1 on the Dyson stuff.

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