Keeley AT (Andy Timmons) Mod Overdrive Pedal

I forgot to mention that I watched some videos on the Hot Cake last night and noticed that most of them were running single coils into it. I did my testing out with the bridge humbucker on my HSS guitar. As I said, I was mostly testing the pedal out to make sure everything worked as it should. I then rolled into a little testing out the gain and volume range as well as the presence knob to get a feel for the character of the pedal. I will definitely be playing with it more. Heck, I still can't determine which of the three pedals I have been comparing is going to end up on my board. I like all three and they are all a bit different and I like all three of them.
I am a blues, rock, country player. I play everything from super clean to the upper end of medium gain. I have only tried it for a short while into a modified Fender Vibrolux amp. The amp can make all the difference in the world with these things. I heard some things I liked. It has an interesting response when turning up and down. There is a pretty wide range of gain in it too. That is pretty cool. It has a fuzz quality to it on the higher end of the gain. Fuzz pedals tend to not sound good through Fender circuits. Put them through a Marshall and it is a completely different story. I have a Friedman Twin Sister that I will try it through when I get a chance. I am expecting a different result through that amp.

As a side note, the vendor had three of these in stock when I found it. The other two sold before mine showed up at the house. I am not sure how long they had them but I don't see any out there for sale new now and the prices on these are almost double what I paid for mine and the ones at that price are the old version and some are beat up pretty bad at that price. The price I was able to get this at is the reason I bought it. I have wanted to try one of these for many years but didn't like the prices I have seen on them.
I have old tweed and blackface Fenders but play mostly through the HDRX 20 through a Matchless cab with 12" Celestions. But I wanted to show that Hot Cake pedal and my modified SE Silver Sky to my friend David Starr at Starr's Guitars. He's the guy who sold me some of my favorite guitars, including my Silver Sky, all of my Breedlove acoustics, and my HDRX 20 amp.

Actually, I wanted him to compare my modified SE Silver Sky to his favorite USA made Silver Sky that he had in the store.

David wanted to plug into a Boss Katana amp and that worried me. I never play through amps like that. But. he really got into it!

David's a fine guitarist but I'd never heard him rock out like that before. Sounded terrific. He loved the pedal. And my SE with Chubtone pickups more than held its own against his favorite Silver Sky.

I don't think he ever turned off that Hot Cake. He just kept wailing away through it.

Yeah: it sounds killer with single coils or humbuckers.
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