John Mayer's 594


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Feb 26, 2018
Can't find any details when I search this on the interweb. Just curious if anyone knows if the McCarty 594 that John Mayer sometimes plays with Dead and Co. is stock, or if it has any special mods. Does it have the 58/15LT pick ups in it?
No, it’s modded like crazy. The switching system is super complicated and designed to virtually mimic jerry’s setups on tiger, wolf, etc. also removed a tone nob. Slightly modified the headstock. Cant re,etc what else. There’s an official video on prs YouTube channel.

I would love to own this guitar. He really pulls off impressive “jerry” tone. Anyone know if you can purchase one?
I’m talking about what I think they called a dragon 2 and assumed that’s what op is talking about.
I think OP is literally referring to a 594. I have seen him player a silver 594 with Dead and Co. He seems to pull it out for the blusier songs.
Definitely 58/15JMs :)

damn this thing sounds so sweet....