I bought some used Phase 1 locking tuners and can't use them...

Uhhh… the starting position should be where you have an even trough/line/path through the cam/wing and it’s lined up straight with the nut slots.

This is the completely “open” position for the cam and the post.

The strings will slip (on a 100% functioning tuner) until the post spins around enough to get to the open position, and will then “catch” and practically lock itself from tuning up.

If you disassemble the tuner and look at the post you’ll see how the “trough” looks without the wind/cam on

The thing is, once you get it in position, the next string change will be correctly lined up by simply de-tuning the tuner a bit, and makes it easy.

Bass side: clockwise to tighten, counter to unlock.

Treble side: flipped
Almost makes me want to take the strings off and do it again with a new set of strings.


A lot of guys seem to dislike the Phase 1 tuners.

The guy who owned my '97 CE-22 disliked them enough to get rid of them!

I find them hard to work with, especially with the fading eyesight that goes with my age.