Humbucker Covers


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Feb 5, 2016
Hey guys!

I just ordered my first PRS a SE CU24 Floyd. I love the tones of the HFS/VB pickups, but I'm not crazy about the zebra style. If I use humbucker covers on them eventually (a quality set), will it change their tone?
That my friend is the million dollar question. Some say no others say yes. There is no doubt the magnetic field will change some with the covers. Will that change the tone...well only you can be the judge of that. Tone is in the ear of the listener.
I just covered the Zebras in my Bernie and I did notice a change in tone. But it was for the better. But I also changed strings. Went from what I think were 9s to 10s. At least thats what my fingers told me.
Ah great thanks guys! I'm not trying to make it something it's not. I just want to give it my own custom look and like Blues Trucker did move to 10s as well. I just didn't want to ruin the pups, which you guys have given me more confidence!