1. Tim Holt

    Repairing 2002 CU22 Pickup Covers

    Hi all, I recently purchased a used 2002 Custom 22 - it's gorgeous but the pickup covers and stoptail are pretty tarnished. What would you use to restore the shine on the covers and stoptail? Thanks in advance!
  2. Morey Celton

    Pick up covers for PRS 85/15 S? Locking tuners?

    Hi everyone, I'm brand new to the PRS family. I've always but a Telecaster and Les Paul player. But glad to have just picked up a SE SemiHollow :) So far I really like the feel of it. I have never been a fan of exposed hum buckers, and not digging the creme color either, so I am going to install...
  3. C

    Ordering a CE with Pickup Covers?

    I have been thinking about ordering a new PRS for a while now, and was originally set on an S2 Cu22 Semihollow, but swapping out the pickups for an American set. Recently I found the CE 24, and have been leaning more towards that one. I only have one issue, though, and it's that I'm not the...
  4. digitalnofx

    Humbucker Covers

    Hey guys! I just ordered my first PRS a SE CU24 Floyd. I love the tones of the HFS/VB pickups, but I'm not crazy about the zebra style. If I use humbucker covers on them eventually (a quality set), will it change their tone?