1. M

    PRS Custom 24 SE Pickup Install Help

    Hello, I ordered a set of Mojotone PW Hornets and wanted to attempt to install them myself; however, I'm finding myself to be overwhelmed in understanding what's actually going on here. I have a basic understanding of pots and switches but have never installed pickups before and all the...
  2. KoreanDrama

    PRS 58/15 LT vs Suhr Thornbuckers

    Hey guys, I've been eyeballing a pair of 58/15 LT, that have been put out for limited release at a few retailers, put into a Strandberg and wanted to get everyone's take on the 58/15 LT as far as tonal characteristics and how they are when coil split. I currently have a pair of Suhr...
  3. gpdb

    58/15 “S” and Epiphone ProBucker 3 - same pickup? Spec and Resonance Curve comparison

    Hi All! while I was doing some tests with the PRS 58/15 "S" bridge pickup, I recalled that the specs were very similar to what I had recorded for the Epiphone ProBucker 3. I rechecked and confirmed that all the specs were basically identical, and the resonance curves overlapped each other. Both...
  4. Julien

    Brand new Fiore - Feedback Humbucker issue

    Hi everyone, Before I start, I already emailed PRS customer service and I'm waiting for their reply, but thought I would get some opinions from the very knowledgeable people here as always. I just received my brand new PRS Fiore today purchased from a store in Belgium (I live in France), and...
  5. MrSuperstar

    Please help: PRS 58/15 LT vs high-end single coils?

    Hi guys, I've long fallen in love with the sound of 58/15 LT pickups, so much so that Iìve ordered them on a PRS that will soon arrive at my home. IMVHO 58/15 LT are the pickups that most resemble the PAFs of the Gibson "golden era", as can be heard in this video. Having said that for the...
  6. J

    Help with wiring Lollar Imperials into a Custom 24

    Just purchased some Lollar Imperials and I am comfortable enough with the soldering, but I have no idea what wires are supposed to be soldered to what lugs. For now, I plan on keeping the wiring schematic the same as it is not with the 85/15 humbuckers (unless someone recommends changing it). I...
  7. Esteban Jose Alvarado

    245 "S" vs Dimarzio/Seymour Duncan/others

    Hi! First post here :) I just purchased a SE Zach Myers and I'm really liking the 245 "S" pickups. I have a SE Custom 7 string that I put a pair of Dimarzio PAF 7's in and that I found to sound pretty similar to the 245's. The 245 might have a little more top end, but not that much. Probably...
  8. joshoptical

    Dragon 1 -> ? Pickup progression history

    Hey gang. Fiddling with my 93 CE22 with Dragon 1s got me wondering about the history of humbucker progression at PRS. Specifically, when the 1s were eliminated and whether the models they were used in were all and immediately replaced with 2s, or if some were replaced with other humbuckers...
  9. J

    2020 Mira SE 85/15 humbucker wiring color code?

    Hi, Can someone tell me definitively what the wiring color code is for the SE 85/15 made in Indonesia humbuckers? (a lot of conflicting info on the net!) North start North finish South start South finish I don't want to coil split the humbucker. Which wires should I solder together, and...
  10. R

    Strat quack

    Does anyone know if you can get more Strat bridge/middle quack by installing a 5 way blade switch on an SE Custom 24 with 2 humbuckers? It already has coil split on a push pull pot. Thanks
  11. Avi

    Metal pickup covers for 85/15 "s"

    I got a great deal on a new 2018 S2 Standard 22 (-$300 from usual price ) but the pickups do not have the cool metal covers that the new S2s come with. I'd like to buy some and attach them myself. Are all humbucker pickup sizes the same? What's the right size for the 85/15 "s"? Anyone know where...
  12. S

    CE 24 Neck Pickup Height Adj Screws

    The neck pickup in my stock 2016 CE 24 has 1-1/8" (3-48) height adjustment screws, which appear to me to be stainless steel. Height adjustment screws on the bridge pickup are a little shorter, only 1". I would like to put the 1-1/8" stainless screws in my bridge pickup as well. Does anyone...
  13. ellamir

    PRS G&B Starla Pickup Color Code

    Hey all, I have a Vela. Recently I had a different bridge pup in there. Wasn't too happy and I want to go back to the Starla pup. I've looked at a few other threads, but I can't really find a solid answer. Does anyone know what the color codes are for the G&B Starla pup? Thanks for the help...
  14. O

    PRS CE 24 rotary knob

    I have an older PRS CE 24 and wanted to know which position gives what tone. I found this: Position 10: Humbucking treble (bridge) pickup alone Position 9: Outside coils of both pickups in parallel for what PRS calls a “deep and clear” sound Position 8: Series single coils – PRS describes...
  15. Hungerbeast

    2-Wire to 4-Wire Conversion

    Has anyone here ever converted a 2-conductor pickup into a 4 conductor pick up? I ask because I have a Tremonti SE that I’ve upgraded with USA Pickups. I added a push/pull pot the bridge Humbucker and it’s awesome, I love having the versatility of coil splitting. I want to do it to the neck as...
  16. S

    Vintage Bass Humbucker Mounting Screws

    Hello everyone, I just bought a Vintage Bass humbucker that I am going to install in another guitar. The problem is I bought it used and it only came with 1 mounting screw— you know, the 2 screws that have springs on them and attach them to the pickguard or body and adjust the pickup height...
  17. Ovibos

    Tremonti S pickups - Where's the bare?

    Finally getting around to installing these, but I'm confused as if expect there to be a bare wire for grounding. There's a metal sleeve in there, but peeling it back I don't see a bare. However, the black wire seems to be exposed to the sleeve? What am I missing? Do I need to strip back the...
  18. J

    three pickups

    anyone know why a guitar would need a middle humbucker? was going to ask frehley and frampton but they are so bitchy when you get them together. all other triple players are, i think, deceased? thanks in advance for any insights. jxe ne portland, or
  19. GavQuinn

    Seymour Duncan Custom Shop '78 Model

    Hello! :) I don't think I've seen any info on this pickup so I thought I'd share my experience! It's the VH pickup apparently, although due to licensing etc, they can't say so. Described as a PAF rewind, mine is listed on the pack at 9.0k, Alnico II, initalled MJ which is apparently a good...
  20. digitalnofx

    Humbucker Covers

    Hey guys! I just ordered my first PRS a SE CU24 Floyd. I love the tones of the HFS/VB pickups, but I'm not crazy about the zebra style. If I use humbucker covers on them eventually (a quality set), will it change their tone?