How long does a refinish from the PTC take?


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Apr 27, 2012
Connnecticut, USA
How long does a refinish generally take?
I had bought a Cu22 Walnut Ltd which I had to send to the factory for some repairs, and they have had it since mid September, so that's nearly 4 months now.
I got a follow up email today which said it would be a few more weeks. So far it's received it's base coat, but Ryan says that since it's got a walnut top they need to give it some extra care and attention as they haven't made many 'production-level walnut topped' guitars

They were kind enough to send me a couple of pics... so here she is .. all nekkid and stuff... can't wait till I get her back. She'll be like new!


Time frame seems about right. They've had my '12 P22 since late August. I haven't gotten an update in quite a while. Your post gives me hope!
The only one I had them do was in spring of 2021 I think. All mine needed was a strip of the finish, probably mostly top coat, and a respray. They told me it was going to take a while but they had it done and in shipping in about 3 weeks. I was very surprised to see it that fast. The guitar was like new. It just had a cloudy finish. It is now finished in their current nitro. I am sure they have become much more backed up than they were back then.