Headstock finish on core model question


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Dec 29, 2012
Hello! I had a quick question on the finish of the modern core models on the headstocks. A lot of them have either rosewood or ebony faces. Are these finished with lacquer like the rest of the body or are the left unfinished like the fretboard? If they are not lacquered on the face, does the lacquer finish come up all the way on the sides?

The headstock veneer is finished similar to the fretboard. The finish extends to the corner of the veneer, with the thin side covered in finish.
The headstock on most of the Core models is finished on the back and sides like the neck. So if the neck is glossy, the back and sides of the headstock will be glossy right up to the veneer on the face of the headstock, etc.

If there's a wood veneer it matches the fretboard so it looks like it's all a single piece, and will have an inlaid logo.

If there isn't a wood veneer, as on the DGT, the face of the headstock is painted on most core models (there have been runs where a maple neck will be left maple and the face is finished like the neck), the logo is a gold foil sticker type decal.

Interesting side note: For a long time, the veneered headstock was only available on an Artist or Private Stock model.