Is it necessary to oil the front of the headstock on a Core model?


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Dec 1, 2023
Just got my first Core PRS, a Custom 24-08. The rosewood fretboard is gorgeous, and I will oil it occasionally as I do on my other guitars with rosewood boards. The front of the headstock appears to be rosewood as well. Is it necessary to oil it too?
Probably OK if it's unfinished, wouldn't oil if finished. But would need to be really careful around the tuners.
Great question!

I know a fair amount about building guitars, and the inlay process on the neck involves routing out the space for the inlay and gluing the inlay into the wood. This is pretty standard for all fingerboard inlays as far as I know. The "headstock logo" sounds like it may be a decal as opposed to an inlay. Maybe someone else on here can confirm for sure, but I'm guessing that's the difference.
Ah, OK - straight from the source! Won't be oiling it then. BUT won't the bird inlays possibly lift too? Never had a problem with my other guitars with various types of inlays (pearl, plastic, abalone).
The inlays will be fine. I wouldn’t bother with the headstock veneer.
If it looks really dry I might give it ago. That said, I never oiled the headstock veneer. I do have custom TRC that are mahogany and rosewood. Those I do oil occasionally. Like every 3 years.

Whatever you oil, when applying it, the less you use the better.