Is this Rosewood? Wenge? What the heck is it?


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Dec 30, 2012
Paonia Colorado
It was sold to me as being Rosewood. But it's almost BLACK!

I unpacked it and it looked and felt dry. Like it needed a little oil.

Sprinkled a few drops of Hopes Butcher Block oil on a soft cloth and rubbed it in and although it was already almost totally black, It then turned completely black.

This morning a little of the brown Rosewood color has returned but only slightly.

It's a WD neck. A quality neck that's well made.

But it sure doesn't look like Rosewood. Or feel like it.

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What's it smell like?
Lemon oil. Doesn't smell bad at all.

But what it is, is dry as blazes.

Every fret end needs rounding. They're super sharp!

It's a $350 neck in solid one piece "rosewood" of some kind.

Beautiful and well shaped.

Just a lot darker than I'm used to seeing I guess.
I have a very dark rosewood board on one of my guitars, and a very light rosewood board on another. The rest are kind of in the middle but leaning toward dark.

I have no idea whether that's rosewood or not, but I can confirm it does come in various shades from light to dark.

Have you smelled it? Rosewood is called what it is because it's an oily wood with a strong scent.
The grain looks like it is rosewood. I only have one guitar with a rosewood neck on it. I haven't had it out out for a bit.
Do you like it?

Folks here have said that Solid Rosewood is the easiest to play and most resonant of all necks.

Carlos plays one.
Do you know what type of Rosewood yours is?

Indian? Don't see much Brazilian unless your last name is Santana.
All three of mine are Indian. Love the smooth raw feel.
Braz is harder to get up here in Canada, as most is difficult to import. I've tried a couple of times, but the sellers didn't want to deal with it.
Can you post a picture of the end grain? Tells a story as well.

But given the possible dark shades of rosewood, I'd say that is what you got. Question is, do you like it, which is a totally different matter all together.

I myself love dark rosewood fretboards, they look rich (for lacknof a better word). Wildly coloured can be nice as well, but depends on the figuring, shades etc, which is a little bit of a gamble and a matter of taste. Same holds for necks, although a little wild could be very attractive ;-).