For those interested in the craft


Luthier and Sound Sensei
Sep 30, 2022
A few folks have mentioned building their own , and PM'd me over my time here.
I can tell you it will give you a deeper understanding of your instruments that can't be beat .
To answer the question HOW the heck does one do this ? The first step is to join the Guild of American Luthiers , it's non -profit and has a wealth of information on the craft including detailed blueprints for a vast array of instruments ( not just guitars) .

Even if you never aspire to build your own , I'd still recommended it as a great resource for our craft as guitar players.

If the bug bites hard there are some very well established Lutherie schools , it is NOT a lucrative craft monetarily ... but then neither is Music for most .

there is also a forum with many useful links :

I'm always happy to share any knowledge gained over the last 40 years at it , as long as I'm here
The seminars here are from among the very best Luthiers in the world, and alone is worth the price of admission ..

If you learn your craft well enough .. you could land your dream job at PRS ...
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