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Apr 28, 2012
Odenton, Md
I picked this up Friday from the woodpusher...
Awesome, I'm interested to know how the maple set neck P22's differ in tone than the hog necks.
Absolutely gorgeous. What colour is it?
Faded Abalone Smokeburst....

Awesome, I'm interested to know how the maple set neck P22's differ in tone than the hog necks.
Since I don't have a P22 to compare it to, I can only guess based on my experience with 513's what the difference is all things being equal. Maple necks tend to brighten and clear up the sound quite a bit and some of the harmonic bloom which is the characteristic of mahogany necks and bodies is lost. Going to covered 53/10's without squabbins is going to darken the guitar a bit and muddy it up. So, I'd suspect the tone through the magnetics is probably pretty close to P22 overall with less bloom and the piezo tones are brighter.

Sweeeet! How's it sound and play?
The guitar through the magnetic pups is surprisingly dark and thick sounding for a maple necked guitar. The sound reminds me of a lot of the old McCarty's, but there is a little more clarity. It seems to prefer the old fizzy Plexi's and Vox's to Fenders. They give it really nice and balanced tone. I found the piezo tone to be full and rich without a lot of the treble brittleness that is typical of piezo's, and it mixes well with the mags. The pattern regular neck is very close to the DGT carve with the lightly finished back which I find to be a very comfortable and fast neck. All the guitars that I have with a similar carve are a joy to play. Very effortless.
Gorgeous. I think my 2011 Experience needs a new friend! I hope Santa is listening. And if TGS is reading, Brent you should call "Santa" and make arrangements with her...ahem I mean him.
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I was eyeing up that one or one just like it. That is a very beautiful guitar and love that finish. Cograts.:cheers:
I just purchased a P22 Artist Package Quilt Top with a Maple neck and fretboard. It's on it's way. I've owned a couple PRS guitars with solid Rosewood necks. The Rosewood necks have incredible sustain and tone. What differences can I expect from the Maple neck over Mahogony and Rosewood?
Based on my experience with 513's of which I have every wood combination except alder and a solid mahogany bodies, I would say that the maple necked version should be brighter and snappier than mahogany and rosewood models all things being equal. It won't have quite the harmonic bloom of mahogany necks and bodies or the piano like lows like the brazzy necked guitars, but it will be most like a mahogany necked guitar with an extended top end. My experience with the covered 53/10's is that they are bit dark, so dark that I am thinking about going with something else in mine. With a maple fretboard, that should balance the darkness out nicely, and you may even get a little chime. I think the piezo sounds great with the maple neck. Very full and clear.
Fantastic! Love that color too. I was (still am) amazed at how good my Exp '12 Cu24 is.