Do You Have Go To Plain Jane's?

All beautiful guitars mate but that first one is fantastic! I do have a few plain Janes but alas they aren't PRSi, an old Gordon Smith SG. a G&L Legacy and a Wayne Guitars Super Tele.
My SE One is my go to...

Dig it! How do you like that line 6 amp? Do you use it with the HD500?

I love it and yes I do. It is perfect for what I do. If I was ever in a circumstance where I can just plug my guitar into an amp and go, i would have something different, but for what I do this combination suits me perfectly.
Pics of the snot or it didn't happen. ;)

I googled 'snot' and just can't bring myself to post the pics. Suffice to say, that if you do the same you'll be adequately grossed out. The nice part is that since the snot has been played out of the guitar already, I don't have to deal with it anymore.