Damn birds

I Like Birds And It Seems Odd To Me To Have A PRS Guitars And Not Have Birds Although I Have A Few . Regarding Hand Placement, I Just Place My Hands Wherever Feels Right On The Neck To Get My Signature Out Of Tune/Key Sound. Since I Am Tone Deaf, When I Hear Myself Sound Worse Than Usual I Just Bend Until It Sounds Better Or A String Breaks. If Anybody Gives Me A Funny Look Or Says Anything I Just Tell Them I Am Working On A New Genre Called Metal Jazz. It Will Catch On Soon...I Just Know It!

#Trendsetter #Gamechanger
No issue for me. While I wouldn't have gotten a PRS withOUT birds, I don't notice them while I'm playing... birds or dots, same to me... just so long as there is SOMETHING there as I am traversing the fretboard.

NO markers would be a huge issue for me, even with side dots.
I have birds & moons and I don't notice the difference that much. Although I do look down at the neck a lot, I've made it a habit to play by feel and keep my head upright as much as possible. My back/neck problems dictate this, might have been a contributing factor over the years of playing. It's challenged me to understand the neck differently, but it get's easier the more you do it.
Now because of this approach I find a different scale length to throw me off much more, and I even play slightly differently when I play the one shorter scale guitar I have. It even takes me a little time to mentally adjust and not be hitting wrong notes.