Help, Custom24 Truss Rod Rattle


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Oct 11, 2023
Hello guys!

I'm sorry that this is my first post here but im kinda desperat.

I bought a beautiful Custom24 like a month ago and couldn't be happier if there wasn't that truss rod rattle i just discovered.

It occurs when i play the 21st fret of the D string and its super loud. And it comes like from right underneath the fret.
I also hear it when i play 9th Fret of the D string but its quieter there. And i can hear nothing if i play lets say 20th fret of D string.
So i think its a resonance thing. Its always a B note but strangely only really noticeable on the D String.

What i've tried is to tighten the truss rod. Then it was super loud at the 9th fret of D String and not so much on the 21st anymore.
I tightened it even more and i couldnt find a note where it rattles but i got too much fret buzz on the first frets anyway.

Do you guys have any idea what it could be?

Any help is appreciated
Make sure the tuner nuts on the headstock are tight. Loose nuts rattle too.
We all love you.

Would love to see some pics of your CU24, pretty please.

Right, because we all know

Congrats on the geetar, and welcome aboard the...board :rolleyes: