PRS 24 Standard 20th Anniversary


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Oct 22, 2023
Hi folks!

Just joined the forum, on the brink of purchasing a Standard 24 20th Anniversary model - just wanted to know what you guys thought of them, any issues I should look out for, and perhaps some guide on pricing

It's in rough enough shape, it has been well played! I've noticed it has some fret buzz on the high E string, I know a good guy for setups, so it'll be a case of getting it serviced, and I do love the look and sound of it and have never owned a PRS before.

The current other option is a PRS 594 S2 in a rather charming pink colour - just wanted to hear your thoughts on 594 S2 vs the Standard 24 20th anniversary.

Many thanks
If you don’t have a PRS or a 24 fretter, that would be my starting suggestion. Remember, the good ones always get played. Have the nut replaced, it’s an inexpensive step to make sure that baby plays right.