Custom Callaham steelblock installed today...

Original top-plate with new saddles.Tremarm bushing as the original.

Notice the shallow string recess

Yes it sounds brighter or what i call it,"tighter".Position 4 neck/middle and neck alone sounds more "stratty" now if you will,or as we say here,more DC3ish ;).As we all know,tone is personal and now it sounds the way i want.The difference im talking about would for for someone else perhaps be no difference at all.Im very happy about the sound now.More attack and presence,fat and clear,just the way i wanted.Mission completed,nothing more needs to be done.We cu22 soapbar owners knows about the fantastic neckshape(my fav neck of all time) and the good sounding pickups.If you are interested in the nerdy tremblock differences like me,you will definitely have to check this out.Im amazed the way it sounds and respond now.I was always frustrated with what i called a "boxed-in" soundcharacter with this guitar.Now it is my favourite guitar.
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Nice man!
I switched to tonepros locking studs for my McCarty wrap-around and was well pleased.
(It actually started out with not being able to get gold posts in Sweden, to create a mixed hardware look)
Hej Richard!
Your SAS narrowfield guitar would greatly benefit from this mod.This is the only mod i will do for future PRS purchases.If you lived closer to "the big city" i would gladly welcome you home so you could check it out.My guitar loves what i have done to it :).Den sparkar röv nu!
Läckert! I´v tried to block the trem on some of my PRSi. While that improves the tone alot on stratocasters, it never seem to make a difference on PRSi. But maybe I have to try this!
Tja ba,läget Paul reeed!
Soundet liksom limmar ihop bättre nu,känns mer balanserat,tyckte mässingblocket hade dålig skärpa or translated to english,i think i have the best sounding custom 22 soapbar in the world! :)
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