Custom 24 vs Custom 22

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Back on topic: i like them both, but since I rarely use fret 23 and 24, and I find the overall 22 platform more comfi: the 22. The neck of the 24 sticks farther out of the body and makes playing on frets 1-12 less comfortable. It is not much, but it is noticable. Soundwise: 22 is a little more vintage in the neck
All but one of my PRS are 22 fret, but I do really dig the lone Custom 24 in the stable. I really like both, though I tend to favor the 22 fret guitars because I like the beefier neck shapes (Wide/Fat, Pattern, and Pattern Vintage). That said, I wouldn't turn my nose up at a Custom 24 just because it's got two extra frets or because of neck pickup placement. I can make the tones from either a 22 or 24 work for my purposes.