CU24 vs 513


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Feb 24, 2013
So im picking up my first PRS friday and its between these two.


blue crab blue cu24 w/10 top, hand signed logo, ME1 birds
-i thought it felt better and was more comfortable than the 513
-a little lighter (im not crazy about heavy guitars)
- i thought it looked better than the 513

#2 Black gold 513 w/10 top
-thought it sounded a bit better than the CU24, but the treble pickup on full humbucking sounded muddy to me
-not as comfortable as the cu24
-stuck with the pickups forever?
-clean humbucking didn't really make a difference?
Im kinda feeling the CU24 as its pretty much a one of a kind and feels better, but im digging the 513 also for the versatility. i play every style of music and want your guys inputs. when i played them both were through a cranked two rock studio 35 pro.
The good news is that you're not going to make a bad choice! Sounds like you are smitten with the CU24. Maybe not 13 sounds, but still plenty versatile.

Besides, if you're already posting here, you'll have #2 in no time!